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Our Story

The Brand Academy was founded from an idea to share the knowledge of independent brand & patent valuation experts and consultancy We started our program creation and development in cooperation with the European Brand Institute (EBI)  as Europe’s leading platform of brand value. With 20 years of proven experience in brand & IP valuation, European Brand Institute is serving as a certified legal team of experts.

The Brand Academy is designed to provide value-based brand management training focused on brand management, brand development and brand evaluation based on the latest ISO standards. We offer workshops and training courses in the increasingly important field of brand management and leadership.

“Investing in companies that recognize and value brands as important intangible assets will distinguish leading companies from laggards.”

Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek

Study Programmes

The Brand Academy specialist study programme focuses on brand management issues facing organizations and their related corporate identity, value, image, and reputation. Strategic Brand Management has a specialist focus on corporate brand but also examines the importance of product and services branding. At the strategic brand level, you will study a wide range of corporate brands from a variety of sectors (private, public, regional, international and not-for-profit) including company start-ups, SMEs, multi-nationals and across sectors and cultures. Significantly, you will also study how corporate brands are a key facet of an organization’s overall corporate strategy.

In particular, the programme will: Offer frameworks for understanding issues related to Brand evaluation at the corporate level (including corporate finances, communications, corporate branding, corporate identity, corporate image, and corporate reputation); Provide an in-depth understanding of the implementation issues associated with the development of the corporate marketing mix; Help prepare you for employment by developing a sound understanding of corporate level brand evaluation in context; Help equip you with a strong foundation and professional skills for advancing into academic research or professional practice in the corporate brand management field.

The aim of this programme is to provide you with a sound knowledge and understanding of the theories that underpin corporate brand management and to help equip you with practical skills and tools to apply corporate brand management in practice. Graduates of this programme can look forward to a wide range of career opportunities within a variety of sectors. In particular, this degree will help prepare you for roles in Strategic Brand Management & Brand Evaluation.

About European Brand Institute

The European Brand Institute (EBI) is Europe’s leading platform of brand value. With 20 years of proven experience in brand & IP valuation, EBI is serving as certified legal experts. EBI is the number 1 address for tailor-made structures in the areas of corporate finance, balance sheet activation, implementation of brand measurement /reporting and systems. They are guiding also all sized companies to report and maximize value and sustainability, increasing brand efficiency and effectiveness can improve your brand´s financial performance and create value for your business.