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Why studying at the Brand Academy?

Brands as distinguishing features and essential value factors are of great importance for small as well as for large companies, regions, associations, their customers and stakeholders, and the global economy. Students, who study at the Brand Academy, profit from our cooperation with the European Brand Institute, which verifies 20 years of experience in Brand and IP Valuation, and also from our exclusive study program based on the latest ISO standards in Brand Evaluation. By taking studies through the Brand Academy you will learn how to evaluate and professionally manage, measure and report Brands.

ISO 20671 Become a Brand Evaluation Expert

Therefore, the ISO 20671 „Brand Evaluation“ has been developed in recent years for the measurement, management, and reporting of brands. More and more corporations and companies put the value of their brands on their balance sheets. Brands are often worth more than all other assets of companies combined. ``People buy brands, not products`` – this sentence is valid, especially in the global communication society. The new international standard is a framework that defines the dimensions for holistic brand management and enables companies, regions, and associations to work efficiently to increase the brand value.

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